About the Product


  Absorbs water quickly and effectively 

  Dries hair in a fraction of the time compared to a normal bath towel

Microfiber Hair Wrap

  • The Cleanlogic Super Absorbent Microfiber Hair Wrap is made from very thirsty 100% microfiber material. It absorbs water quickly and effectively, drying hair in a faction of the time it takes a normal bath towel. You’ll spend much less time blow drying which mans less damage to your hair. Its lightweight, easy to put on, and it stays in place.


    Directions: Place your hair in the wrap, twist and fasten the loop over the button. Hang dry when finished.


    Care & Cleaning: Machine wash delicate and tumble dry medium to low heat.


    With Cleanlogic products you’ll feel noticeably clean and refreshed every time.