About the Product


   Protects soap from water erosion for longer use

   Keeps soap in place for ease of use

   Use product as an everyday soap sponge

Lathering Soap Pouch

  • Cleanlogic’s Lathering Soap Pouch creates a full and rich lather of suds that rejuvenate and revive the skin, leaving it in the best condition to hydrate and bring it back to a natural healthy radiance. The looped mesh material extends the life of the bar soap and allows you to put every sliver of soap to use that would normally be thrown away. 


    Directions: Place your favorite bar soap in pouch and pull button down to secure. Gently massage in circular motions over entire body. Rinse and hang pouch to dry.


    WARNING: Do not use if you have diabetes, poor blood circulation, and/or red or inflamed skin.


    With Cleanlogic products you’ll feel noticeably clean and refreshed every time.


    For best results, replace pouch every 30 days.