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Louis Vuitton Drop Shipping What a wonderful story and the bag looks fabulous on you! I have the old mini lin version of this bag and I love it! Enjoy it!!

 I know this bag went to a good home.I'm sure she was excited to see some of her long lost family when she made it into your closet. Louis Vuitton Luggage 
Congrats! I think it looks great. Louis Vuitton Shop
 LV Stunning!!Congrats!! 

i think, u just walk into LV, most of the bags has a big wow factor. u just need to try on them to see if they complement ur style and body shape .... even mono speedy and neverfull, their wow factor is enough to make ppl's head turn Monogram Canvas


Thank you for the wonderful news. Waiting can be hard sometimes... Louis Vuitton Purse


hanks guys, I do realize about the consequences of changing the strap myself but that is the only way i will enjoy using the bag. Since the Musette Tango is discontinue and the one I bought is in a very good condition and I did not spend too much money on the bag and the extra replacement strap. I can deal with not able to bring it back for any repair from LV. I really do love the bag, it's ju Louis Vuitton Drop Shipping

 Thanks, LVLoveaffair. I am a really lazy person, but I have to have some light colored bags. And a Sukey Guccisma isn't cheap. I think I'll end up using it only once in a while, when I absolutely need to wear a lighter-colored bag. Hopefully it'll last me a long time. Louis Vuitton Store .